Image of Prototype Caveys. Post ToyCon UK availability

Prototype Caveys. Post ToyCon UK availability

Coming Soon

The Cavey newsletter with all the details of the last ever available Caveys goes out Thursday, April 30th at 4pm London time (BST/GMT+1) sign up link is This is your last chance to buy a Cavey, ever! It's a lot of info though, so please read carefully and we can sort out any questions ahead of time - email me if you are confused about anything. I have been busy photographing and cataloging the Caveys we brought back from ToyConUK. This is how the final sales will work: 💜 The pictures and the full list will go out to the newsletter on Thursday april 30th at 4pm. Sign up link is 💜 Reply to the newsletter ( with your 'want list' of Caveys from the list. Include your postal address. 💜 Each Cavey is £20 💜 UK tracked postage will be £5 no matter how many you buy. 🌍 WORLDWIDE CUSTOMERS: 🌍 Worldwide postage via untracked airmail will be £5 for up to 3 Caveys. More than 3 Caveys postage will be £9 flat rate. 🌍 Tracked postage is an additional £5.50. You must request this in your want list of Caveys. 💜 I will invoice you for the availabe Caveys from your list. All sales are first come first served, so be prepared that you might not get invoiced for every Cavey on your want list. 💜 You have 24 hours to pay the invoice before the Caveys become available to someone else. 💜 ALL SALES ARE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. I will reply to emails in order that I receive them. 💜 Please include all your info in ONE EMAIL. I will get back to you as quickly as possible! I am just one person trying to organise sales on 80+ Caveys and keep everybody happy, please go easy on me 😘